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Crochet Patterns for Boot Cuffs

crochet boot cuff patterns for downloadMany of our customers have asked about using our boot cuff patterns for their DIY projects. 

We're super excited to announce that we're selling exclusive downloadable patterns (PDF) available for purchase and instant download. Our average boot cuff pattern will cost $4-$5. 

Here's how it will work: 

We will begin by releasing our crochet boot cuff patterns beginning the week of March 30th. We'll be adding the downloadable patterns to our store as they are created and approved. If you would like us to send you an email as soon as the patterns are available, please enter your email at the bottom of this page!



Q. Will you be offering free crochet boot cuff patterns available for download? 
A. In time we will likely add free boot cuff patterns to the store. However, we've just made a significant investment in creating the patterns and adding the "instant download function" to the website, so your support of our paid patterns is truly appreciated right now. We promise to add free patterns in the very near future. 

Q. Will the patterns be identical to the boot cuffs I can buy on your store? 
A. Close, but not identical. 

Q. Will you help me if I have questions about the pattern after I purchase it? 
A. Absolutely! was built on customer service, and we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at

Q. Can I return the boot cuff pattern for a refund?
A. Due to the nature of the patterns, we can't offer a refund. However, we love our customers and  truly want to make sure you are happy, so please email us so we can discuss. 

Q. Can I sell the boot cuffs that I make from your patterns? 
A. Sure! Please do. If for any reason there was a limitation on commercial use, we'll let you know in the product description. 

Q. Can I buy these boot cuff patterns on other websites
A. No, these are exclusive. Our designer creates the boot cuffs and patterns exclusively for

Q. Okay, how do I see the patterns you have for sale? 
A. Please sign-up below and we'll notify you! It will be during the week of March 30.


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