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Why Do You Wear Boot Cuffs?

We get asked what are boot cuffs used for quite a bit, so we wanted to share some of our favorite reviews from customers explaining the purpose of boot cuffs! 
It's no secret: we love boot cuffs. We love the way they fit, the way they look, and the way they effortlessly pull together an outfit. We recognize their cuteness, appreciate their versatility, and adore their purpose . . . and we know we're not the only ones! 
To learn more about our customers, we reached out to a few and asked, "why do YOU wear boot cuffs?" Below, you will find their responses and gain a better understanding of the many reasons there are to wear (and love) boot cuffs.

what are boot cuffs?

Ashley Stoneking Customer

"I'll admit it, when I saw women at the office rocking boot cuffs last season, I was SUPER jealous. I knew I had to get in on the trend. Boot cuffs add a little extra feminine flair to your fall or winter wardrobe. They're cozy, cute and available in tons of colors." 

Ashley, Dallas, 27
Customer Since December 2015
Favorites: Ivory Cable Knit Boot Cuffs



"On my business card for my accessory shop, it says "my goal is to add "Pop" to your wardrobe!" That is why I wear boot are just shoes without them but when you add boot cuffs to them you are adding "Pop" to your style!"

Pam Frantz
Customer since 2014
Favorite: Alaska-Inspired Boot Cuffs with Fur Toppers

Liz Linville - Customer

"I love wearing Boot Cuffs as they bring my outfit together seamlessly! An added extra bonus is that the Boot Cuffs prevent my boot tops from rubbing on my tights and creating those unsightly "wear" marks. For this reason, in the long run, the Boot Cuffs actually save me money!"

 Liz Linville, Arizona
Customer since 2016
Favorite: Cream Tortoise Shell Two Button Boot Cuffs

Janine - Boot Cuff Socks Customer Photo

"LOVE Boot Cuffs & Socks all the way from South Africa. Found you online after looking everywhere. Have not received order yet but can't wait and will order again! Quite a few I still want. 😆"

Janine Joubert, South Africa
Customer Since August 2016
Favorites: Beige Knitted Boot Cuffs 

Shawn Katz Customer Photo

"Depending on the outfit I wear boot cuffs as accessories! I even got a compliment from a male coworker and he bought some for his wife!"

Shawn Katz, Texas
Customer Since January 2015
Favorites: Alpine Peppered Light Grey Button Boot Cuffs

"I wear boot cuffs for several reasons… I live in North East Texas, and it doesn’t exactly get that cold here, so wearing really cute “tall” socks are out of the question, not to mention with my calf muscles thick socks can tend to get bit cumbersome in my boots. I have boots in every color and combination of colors you can imagine, so when I stumbled across the boot cuffs, it was a no-brainer for me. I have them in all colors. Friday night high school football games, to Saturdays Down South in Baton Rough cheering on The LSU Tigers, I could not do without them."

Mandy Duran, Texas
Customer Since 2015
Favorites: Charcoal and Ivory Reversible Knitted Boot Cuffs

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