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BCS Boutique Fashion Roundup - What I've Been Reading Lately!

Hi Everyone!   A cool weekend ahead here in Nebraska, hope everyone else gets to enjoy some cooler weather as well.  I love reading fashion blogs so I can keep up with what's in style, and put that to good use when ordering new products for you all!  These are some of my favorite blogs to read and I thought I would share them with you, I hope you love them as much as I do!


This is Sarah from morethanadored.com.  She writes about all kinds of things from fashion to lifestyle & beauty.  The article I read recently was about how to wear the chambray shirt.  I love this article because she talks about how to wear this type of shirt to give yourself a younger look.  


This is Jasmine with prettychuffed.com.  I love reading her blog because she talks about what to wear and how I wore it.  She also has blogs about mama and baby and has baby & maternity must haves!  In one of her recent articles she talks about how she wore an outfit out for a nice dinner and then also how she wore it differently the next day.  I like when you can wear an outfit to work and then dress it a little different for a night out!



This is Kendi with kendieveryday.com.  Kendi was one of my favorite to read when I was pregnant because she talks about style while pregnant. One recent article of hers features a beautiful floral kimono she pairs perfectly with a black dress.  We actually have some similar floral kimonos on our website, they are so flowy and lightweight, perfect to dress up any outfit for those hot summer nights!


This is AJ with ajwearsclothes.com.  Her blog is pretty funny, take a look at one of her recent articles where she wears an off-the-shoulder top to work.  I like to read this blog because she talks about how to build a grown-up wardrobe and gives steps to follow!


This is Krystin with suburbanfauxpas.com.  I really like her blog because she has many categories like beauty, lifestyle, travel & decor.  Her most recent article talks about her vacation in Miami and has many pictures to show her style while traveling.  I also like the food/drink recommendations in case I find myself in Miami for vacation anytime soon! 



Thank you all for reading!  I hope you loved these blogs as much as I do!


Stay tuned for our weekly newsletter, I'll feature new things each week!


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