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BCS Fashion Boutique - My New Favorite Blogger!

Hello everyone!  I hope you've been enjoying your summer and this HOT weather!  I know I haven't been enjoying the latter much, but I always have to remind myself in a few months it could snow....and I really dislike cold weather!  So that makes me at least *try* to enjoy our current 90 degree plus temps!  

I've been doing a lot of reading lately and thought I would share with you a few of my favorite articles from some of my new favorite bloggers!  Some are even showing off their fall finds!  I found a blog I absolutely love because it pulls right at my heartstrings.  Shye talks about how she loves to shop boutiques.  Having a small boutique is hard, but very rewarding!  I love that I get to talk to my customers daily and am able to be there at all hours to help answer questions about our products and orders.   It can be difficult because there are so many other stores women can choose from that may offer more products, cheaper prices, etc so getting people to come to your boutique over larger stores can be a challenge, but I wouldn't change owing a small boutique for anything!  


Here's the blogger I was talking about - meet Becca with Non Basic Blonde.  Her latest blog talks about shopping local, wherever you are.  She gives lists of boutiques where shes lived and also talks about what she liked to buy there!  She also talks about how the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and how she just cannot get into it and the selection is just too much for her!  I relate so much to this blog, it is overwhelming sometimes when you shop at any of these larger chain stores.  That is why I love to shop small boutiques, shopping there is much easier and you can usually find something cute and trendy that not a lot of people own!  Just like our lace top & dress extenders, they are one of a kind and not a lot of shops are selling them!

Becca has several blogs I loved reading!  The next one she talks about her favorite tunic.   Check it out below, I mean how cute is this!!  And put one of our dress extenders under it and you can dress it up for any day at the office or night on the town!!  I mean how perfect is this for fall/winter!?  I love how she gives you links to several places that are selling this tunic currently.  I have already checked them out and am seriously considering this as my next purchase for my wardrobe!


One of the other recent articles I read of hers talked about spoiling yourself just a little on your birthday.  I can get on board with this and usually follow this motto yearly!  She says every year she will buy herself a birthday dress.  What a fabulous idea, I think I will start this year!  With my birthday coming up, I was planning on getting something to wear out that night and Becca has the perfect dress, I am in love with it!  Now to go online and find it somewhere as the stores she mentioned are currently sold out!


 There are so many more blogs she has written that I have loved reading, definitely check her out here at nonbasicblonde.com.  I'm sure I'll be including some of her future writing in my upcoming BCS Fashion Boutique Blogs!

Thanks for reading everyone - I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


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