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Jen's Picks for September: Lace Boot Cuffs

It's no secret: September is a great month. Along with offering a change in temperature, September brings new trends, new ideas, and a new opportunity to start fresh. However, September also brings back many of our favorite things: pumpkin spice lattes, crisp leaves, and one of our store favorites: the Lace Boot Cuff. 

Below, you'll find my very favorite Lace Boot Cuffs for 2015. 

1. The One Button Lace Boot Cuffs 

Available in white, champagne, and black, the One Button Lace Boot Cuff is light-weight, stretchy, and pairs well with outfits of all kinds. Wear it for a warmer fall day or a cooler fall night and feel all sorts of comfy and cute. 

2. The Spring Lace Boot Cuffs

Don't let their name deceive you; the Spring Lace Boot Cuff is not only for the spring! Paired with a long sleeve dress and boots of any type, this style is all sorts of sleek for fall. 

3. The Knitted Boot Cuffs with Lace Trim

A little less lace than the other styles? (No problem!) I love these just as much. The Knitted Boot Cuff with Lace Trim provides both style and warmth, and is known for being extra soft-to-the-touch. Available in beige, dark + light grey, brown, and coffee, this style is perfect for September and beyond.

Be sure to check out all the Lace Boot Cuffs + find the one that's best for you! 

xx, Jen

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