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What is the Standard Boot Cuff Size?


Above anything else, our goal here at Boot Cuffs & Socks is to help you find what fits you best; what fits what you're searching for, what fits your personal style, and --most importantly-- what fits your body. Although our cuffs are considered "one size fits most", each style has a unique feel. (Some are made to stretch and some are not.) So, to help you find your fit (and there IS something for everyone), we have laid out how our most distinctive styles fit, so you can find exactly what you're looking for. 

1) Something Slimmer

Seeking something that will stick tight to the leg? The products pictured below are what you're looking for. These styles are known for being far less bendable (but equally adorable) than others. A slim fitting cuff is great for the individual with smaller calves/legs or for someone doing a lot of moving around. (As it will stay in place through all the movement.) To check out all of our slim fitting boot cuffs, shop here!


(To shop the style shown above, click the pictures!)

2) Something Wider:

If you're someone with wider calves (like me) you're in luck! We carry many styles that have a great deal of stretch, but don't appear bulky. Our Knitted Reversibles (available in a variety of colors) are perfect for calves of any size because of their softness + flexibility. (These would also make a great, reliable gift!) To check out all of our wider fitting boot cuffs, shop here! 


(To shop the style shown above, click the pictures!)

3) Something Standard: 

If you're not looking for something particularly slimmer, particularly wider, or particularly anything, you're golden. All of our other styles are known to fit a wide range of body sizes as they have a standard amount of stretch to them. Shop all of our new arrivals here! 


(To shop the styles shown above, click the pictures!)

And the end of the day…  

If, for whatever reason, the cuff you order does not fit you perfectly, return it to us for free! We will try again until it's everything you're looking for and more. :') 

Still not sure if something will fit you? Call or text us at (970) 480-7520.


xo, bootcuffs&socks

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