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Video: Boot Cuffs Shipping Costs, Transit Time and Tracking to Australia

We announced back in January that we're beginning to ship more and more boot cuffs to Australia. We're excited to say that shipping from the United States to Australia has come a long ways in recent years. Two years ago, our average shipping time was almost 2 weeks! Today our customers are seeing their boot cuffs, on average, in as little as 5 days (although we did have a customer where it took 12 days...)

Even better, each shipment now comes with a tracking number, so you can track your package from the time it leaves our location to the time it's delivered to your doorstep. 

Last, remember, if your order is over $50.00 then the shipping cost is free! This is, on average, about a $11 value as this is the average cost for us to ship our orders to Australia. 

Thanks again for being our customer, and please never hesitate to contact us with questions!



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