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3 Ways to Wear Socks in the Summer

If you thought boot cuffs and socks were only for colder weather, think again! We have styles for spring and summer days, too. Below, check out 3 unique ways to wear them. We are hopeful you will find one that fits your personal style and wardrobe! 

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1) With Converse

Converse is arguably the most universal shoe brand of all time. Regardless of season, occasion, or style, converse sneakers add a fashionable, simplistic touch to any look. With that said, it should come as no surprise that they pair wonderfully with the short socks and boot cuffs available on our store year-round. Whether you're headed to a concert, cook out, or another miscellaneous adventure this summer, the socks and converse look is super cute and super comfy! Check out the pictures below to see exactly what we mean.

Featured boot cuff: Ivory Boot Cuffs with Crochet Top

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2) With Sandals

A super cute, super trendy way to wear your sandals this summer is with socks! As crazy as this sounds, it's a cozy way to add a "little something extra" to your outfit. Pair your socks/sandals combo with a pair of jean shorts and a tank, a t-shirt dress, or a cute cotton skirt. If you're still unconvinced, check out these celebrities rocking this very look this past year! 


Here's how we style ours: 


 Featured short sock: Yellow Scalloped Lace Calf Sock

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3) With Slip-On Sneakers

What's cuter than slip on sneakers? Oh, yes-- slip on sneakers with cute lil sockies paired with them! I mayyyy be a little biased, but come on! This look is perfect for a cooler summer day when you need to keep an extra layer for warmth. Below, you'll find how two fashion queens styled their socks under their slip on oxford shoes. 


Here's how we style ours:  


Featured short sock: Ivory Pointelle Ankle Socks


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